Who is AMEWAS?

AMEWAS, Inc.'s services and products have helped to advance the state of the art of warfighting by helping to transform emerging technology into warfighting capabilities and by shaping the ever evolving operational concepts, tactics, techniques and procedures associated with introducing new and enhanced capabilities to meet the challenges facing the modern warfighter.

Services and Products

Corporately, AMEWAS, Inc. understands the difference between services and products and the value in properly leveraging both in achieving performance-based S&T, M&S and T&E objectives with respect to today's complex warfighting systems and multi-dimensional warfighting environments.

We have successfully applied this experience to the modeling and simulation (M&S) and RDT&E communities in the form of both services and products associated with the following disciplines:

  • EW & SIGINT System and Emitter Parametric Processing Expert Consulting and systems engineering
  • Sensor, Sensor Processor, Fusion Processor, Sensor Display and Sensor Communications Subsystem Testing
  • Electromagnetic Environmental Effects Testing
  • Life-Cycle Engineering Support from S&T through OT&E
  • Acquisition and T&E Programmatic Planning, Execution & Analysis Services
  • Knowledge Engineering supporting Synthetic Environments for Testing & Training
  • IT-centric Systems Engineering; hardware, software & interface planning, design/develop/integrate/productize from commodity and specialty COTS, GOTS, open source and developed components
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing
  • Network Engineering; Networked Appliance Integration, Network Design, Engineering and Operations & Maintenance
  • Software Engineering; Application & Interface Development, Resource Automation, Statistical/Temporal/Spatial Visualization, multi-sensor fusion and integration
  • Knowledge Engineering; Data Capture, Data Conditioning, Information Management
  • T&E Facility Secure and Non-Secure Network Operations and Maintenance Services
  • RDT&E Infrastructure and Infostructure Programmatics & Planning Support
  • RDT&E Instrumentation Design, Development, Integration, Operations and Maintenance Services
  • RDT&E Capabilities and Configuration Management
  • Administrative and Project Management Support Services
  • Program Management/Acquisition Management Support
  • System Administration; Mainframe and Desktop Administration, Accreditation, Certification, Development, Integration, Operations & Maintenance Services
  • RDT&E Technology Insertion Engineering & Technical Services