Our Services

Operational Experience

A large percentage of AMEWAS employees are former warfighters spanning a range of specialties. Some of these subject matter experts have just as impressive advanced academic credentials to augment the skills needed to satisfy the customer’s requirements. From fundamental science, engineering specialties, and analysis of test data, AMEWAS supports the conceptualized system during integration into the fighting force. AMEWAS breadth of skills focuses on sensors but spans into software integration and the methods needed to evaluate every aspect. These considerations include cyber, electrical and environmental vulnerability and compatibility with respect to the overall performance requirements of system.

NAVAIR Airworthiness and Cybersafe Office (ACO) Support

AMEWAS, Inc. provides full airworthiness spectrum support for NAVAIR Airworthiness and Cybersafe Office (ACO).  Our efforts encompass financial management, flight clearance facilitation, product development, editorial support, training, and Electronic Flight Clearance (eFC) workflow and mobile application development.  We support the warfighter via Permanent Flight Clearances Products (NATOPS and NATIP), and Interim Flight Clearances (IFCs) that are critical to Navy and Marine Corps aviation.  We are developing the framework for an end-to-end Change Request (CR) workflow system that will improve turn-around time and speed to the fleet.  We are leading the innovation of a paperless cockpit through the design and development of an eFC mobile application that will provide responsive, reliable information for our aircrews on mobile devices at the touch of a button.

Test Experience

We have been integral to the testing process of electronic warfare (EW) and signal intelligence (SIGINT) systems since the early 1980's as test developers, engineers, and test facility solutions/service providers. Our experience ranges from signal processor testing to reference data (library) correlation and identification on individual electronic warfare (EW) and signal intelligence (SIGINT) sensor systems. We have provided systems integration, technical evaluation, test planning, and execution support for several Navy programs.

Training Experience

Our staff has developed conventional, computer assisted, and computer-based technical training courses which focused on Signals Intelligence/Exploitation, Intelligence Information Processing, Correlation and Reporting, Electronic Warfare Planning and Execution, Command and Control (C2) and Information Warfare, Military System Operations (Hardware, Software, Man-Machine Interface, and Inter/Intra Operator Interaction). Our experience includes academic, technical, and war gaming instruction and participation at the Naval War College and in support of several joint, combined, and coalition games.

Our Other Services

ADP/Computer Solutions

We also offer automated data process (ADP) and office automation solutions for Windows, Mac and Red Hat Enterprise Linux platforms. We have experience in and support many legacy platforms including DOS, HP-UX, Solaris, O/S-2, Ultrix and Windows 95/NT. Our staff supports everything from architecture design, platform and application selection to custom integration and interfacing solutions. We continue to provide ACETEF with software engineering, applications programming, interface and integration design and programming, and systems administration support.

Analytical Experience

Our staff has provided DoD and several of its weapon system contractors with analytical products supporting Cost and Operational Effectiveness Analyses (COEAs), Cost and Operational Performance Tradeoffs (COPTs) and Designs of Experiments (DOEs).

Reactive Simulation

Our understanding and experience in operational environments is multi-dimensional. We have years of experience integrating weapon systems, sensors, and humans to simulated environments in support of concept evaluations, installed system testing, and distributed simulation exercises. Assets integrated into the simulations include aircraft and aircraft systems, pilot crewstations, simulated C4ISR consoles, control center positions and deployed versions of Air Force and Navy C41 systems, including mission planning and rehearsal systems.

ACETEF Support

AMEWAS, Inc. provides system design, integration, technician and operator support to the Navy's air combat environment test and evaluation facility (ACETEF) facility and similar functions to some of its customers. Our efforts include the introduction and integral use of C4I systems (including mission planning systems) in a simulation-supported acquisition RDT&E process. We design, develop, and participate in operationally relevant and realistic real-time, mission level simulations supporting RDT&E projects and distributed simulation technology demonstrations.

Who We Are

Established in 1983, we are now celebrating over 35 years of excellence in providing quality products and services to the Department of Defense and are well suited to support multiple roles in the DoD’s research, development, test & evaluation (RDT&E) Environment. AMEWAS, Inc.'s core capabilities stem from an extensive, practical knowledge basis in electronic warfare (EW), synthetic warfare environments, software engineering and hardware integration that has been successfully applied to the science and technology (S&T), modeling and simulation (M&S) and T&E communities in the form of both services and products.

About Us

AMEWAS Inc. is located in beautiful St. Mary’s county just outside of the Naval Air Warfare Center, Aircraft Division (NAWCAD). Founded over 35 years ago the company actively supports the nation’s warfighters. The company supports the scientific, engineering, and testing of the full range of activities conducted at the base in support of the warfighter. Our services support the full spectrum of weapons development with particular emphasis on electronic warfare test and evaluation, both developmental and operational.

We staff over 250 on-site positions at Patuxent River Naval Air Station with professionals who augment our customers' organizations with highly desirable, specialized management and technical skills. We are proud of our ability to implement solutions in all of our customers' management and day-to-day operations. Our core capabilities stem from an extensive, practical knowledge basis in electronic warfare (EW), synthetic warfare environments, software engineering, and hardware integration.